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Inspiration for My Heavenly Father's Eyes came from my m​other's comments about my children's eyes. She often says, "your children have eyes just like Donald" (their father). While my children do have various traits of mine, it amazes me how they all have their father's eyes. As I pondered on this comment early one Thursday morning, this natural reality became a spiritual truth. I thought about the importance of having your father's eyes---your Heavenly Father's Eyes. It's a matter of seeing people the way God sees them; not with our natural eyes, but with our hearts; hearts filled with God's love.

Writing this book was a long journey. I would write for a while and then I would stop. My sister often told me, “don’t let God give that message to someone else." 

When I finally got serious and focused, God began to show me how important relationships are. It seemed as if every message that I heard had a relationship undertone; even when that wasn't the primary intent of the message.


Even after I reached the end of writing, I still struggled. I could not get it completely finished.  I ran into roadblock after roadblock. Then once again, I wanted to give up. My children were getting older and situations that I had written about were changing.  


One day I prayed with my head in my hands "God help me." The Holy Spirit spoke to me clearly, "you believe what you're writing, but you're not living what you're writing." So, I had to pray the prayer I'm asking every reader of my book to pray, "God help me to see people through your eyes."  

 This simple prayer changed my life and I know it will change yours as ​well! My Heavenly Father's Eyes was published in 2010


TAWCH started in 2016. There was a period in that year when there seemed to be quite a few deaths of our young people.  There was also a wide range of causes of deaths. They range from children being bullied, to car accidents, shootings, to a kid collapsing on the football field. 

​I didn't have any children in school, but I wanted to say "speak up when you don't feel well or if you're being bullied, or if you are scared about something.  Think about what can happen if you don't speak up! 

As a result of me wanting to do something, TAWCH was developed.  I have an entire Program that can be used as a school activity or discussions at home.  I am confident it will change the lives of our young people.


​My desire is to have tawch a household word!  Not an acronym... a word!


Mothers with Sons started on May 12, 2020.  


​My prayer partners and I pray often for our sons.  We have been praying together for more than ten years. Our desire is that they be men of God; walking in righteousness; good husbands, fathers and outstanding citizens.


One day it seemed overwhelming that the more we prayed, the more struggles our sons faced.


Starting with my four prayer partners I said to them, "let's just pray on Tuesday at 9:00 pm for our sons."  Before the end of that night, I had also asked the ladies that I pray with on Saturdays to join us; then some family members; then a few more ladies from Church were asked.  Friends and more friends were called. Before I realized it, I had contacted about 80 mothers and these ladies contacted their friends. God is amazing because I would have never in a million years organized this Community on my own.  I would have stayed in my comfort zone and just stuck with just my four friends. It was all God’s doing!

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