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“Having had the opportunity to read My Heavenly Father's Eyes has given me a new outlook on how I view and accept my husband. We have been married for 35 years, and all of that time together can sometimes breed complacency. I can truly say that the couple's study help to revitalize the way I see my husband, so that I value his position in Christ as the head of our family and the importance of his role. I commend Lori for having the willingness to share her insight on christian relationships.”

Gwen Sneed

Raleigh, NC

“I began reading the facilitator's study guide on my way to Mom's home one Sunday morning as my husband was driving . Before the end of the day, I had completed the book because it was so many good points for my marriage, for me as a parent, as a church member. I began to see my husband, children, church members and Pastor through the eyes of Jesus Christ because Lori took the time to remind us in this study. Thank you Lori for writing this study/ book to help me and to continue to remind me of how important it is for me to see everyone- Through the Eyes of our Heavenly Father- Jesus Christ.”

Venus Harris

Raleigh, NC

I love this book! It is a godsend for all Christians who truly want to live a Christ-like life, and have love-filled relationships. Lori's God-centered approach has reminded, and encouraged me to always allow the Holy Spirit to fill me with God's love, so that I may genuinely see people, and love them as my heavenly father does - selflessly, genuinely, and fully.

Jenny Nelson

Roberts, WI

After reading My Heavenly Father's Eyes My Marriage Through My Heavenly Father's Eyes, at our Marriage Retreat last year, it really made me think about the danger of NOT seeing my wife through my Heavenly Father's Eyes.

Rev. Barry Young

Wake Forest, NC

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